Torus Hydro - PerfectPh Inline Edition 100Gal/380L

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Revolutionary ionic pH stabilizer

The PerfectpH InLine Edition is a revolutionary pH stabilizer that automatically balances the pH of your hydroponic system or tank, keeping it in the optimal range for nutrient absorption, between 5.7 and 6.5 pH.

  • PH maintenance is an essential factor in any hydroponic growing setup. Without the plants being naturally rooted in the soil, excessive alkalinity builds up in the system, creating a toxic environment for plants. PerfectpH solves this problem by removing the positively charged ions that cause this build-up, creating the perfect pH environment for your plants.
    In order for your plant's roots to absorb nutrients essential for growth, a slightly acidic pH range is required. When the pH travels outside this zone, a "nutrient lockout" occurs in which plants do not properly absorb nutrients, stopping plant growth and destroying their immune systems. Plant roots in terrestrial soil can naturally buffer against problems such as excess acidity or alkalinity by dissipating an accumulation of H + / OH ions in the soil.
  • Exclusive advantages of the Torus PerfectpH
    Avoid excessive pH fluctuation which inhibits plant growth and weakens the immune system
    Removes excess toxic alkalinity build-ups creating a perfect environment for plants
    Eliminates the need for chemical buffers, frequent tank changes, parasites, waste of water / nutrients. It also helps to increase the yield.
    In recirculating systems, PerfectpH automatically balances itself at 5.7 - 6.5 pH. However, most systems will generally balance between ~ 5.8-6.2.
    In non-recirculating systems, it is sufficient to set the pH and PerfectpH and keep it within a range of ± 10%

Benefits of Torus PerfectpH

  • Eliminates the need for pH up and down buffers
  • It is no longer necessary to check the daily pH
  • Reduce the frequency of tank changes
  • Use less water and save
  • Use fewer nutrients
  • Less maintenance and labor required

Features InLine Edition

  • Tank capacity: 380 Liters / 100 gallons
  • System pump flow: Min 1000 L / hr - Max 5000 L / hr
  • Connection diameter: 3/4 "(19mm), two adapters from 3/4" to 1/2 "(12.7mm) are also supplied in the package

Compatible with: DWC (Deep Water Culture), NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), Flood-and-Drain, Aeroponica, Drip System, Cloner System, DTW (Drain-to-waste), Water pre-treatment for tanks, Passive systems (AutoPot, Nutriculture)

The unit is sealed, do not force open. For maintenance, see attached sheet.


Manufacturer Torus Hydro


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