Tom's Tumbler - Python 400 Industrial Bud Trimmer

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Up to 400 lbs at a time

The PYTHON 400 is an industrial gem pruner. It was designed with big growers in mind. Process 400 pounds or more of dried flowers per hour, gently but efficiently.

BLADELESS TECHNOLOGY The Python used Tom's proven bladeless rolling technology to preserve trichomes and crystals while producing a beautifully finished product. Tom's Tumblers have a proven track record as a better alternative to blade trimmers. The glasses take advantage of the friction between the buds as they rotate to gently break the sugar leaves from the buds. Gems appear to be hand cut with full gem structure and trichomes and crystals preserved (include photo of nets)

BUILT TO LAST The Python 400 is all stainless steel frame with a stainless steel tumbling chamber and gem chute. The Python 400 weighs 800 lbs. The simple design means little can go wrong with Python. It includes three industrial motors that drive the auger feeder, the drum screen and the auger that transports the trim into a collection container. Python is built to last for years. It's backed by a full three-year warranty with 24/7 support available from Tom's Tumbler.

HOW IT WORKS The Python is fed by a stainless steel hopper with a food grade plastic auger that sucks the flowers upward and into the gravity feed of the Python tumbling chamber. The chamber tumbles at 35 revolutions per minute and moves the product through three mesh chambers in less than five minutes to come out like a cut flower at the end of the python. It's the perfect amount of tumbling to get your buds ready for the market.

MANY ADJUSTMENTS The cutting speed is easily adjusted by the manual speed control motor, the baffles between the chambers and the angle of the Python. The clean trim is dropped through the mesh into the auger below, which moves it to the collection container under the bud chute.

TRIMMING AFTER DRYING The Python uses a simple and clean design, built on Tom's Tumbler bladeless and rotating technology introduced in 2014. The Python is the only machine needed to cut thousands of pounds of flowers once the drying and tearing process is complete. Replaces hundreds of manual trimmers and dozens of smaller trimmers in one day with its exceptional productivity. With no downtime to change or clean blades like other machines, Python can be used all day, all season, year after year.


  • Large hopper for easy feeding from storage containers or super bags
  • The manual speed control auger powers the Python
  • The gravity feeder guides the buds from the hopper to the Python cup
  • Manual speed control allows full control of Python's rotation
  • Interchangeable stainless steel and food grade plastic mesh with a variety of sizes.
  • Clean trim falls through the nets into the channel with the auger moving it to a collection container
  • Cut buds drop into a bin or conveyor for sorting at the end of the Python
  • Python 400 Frame (with all on) - 885 lbs Python 400 feed hopper (screw auger) - 450 lbs

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