The Bulldog - Kavatza Tobacco Pouch



The Bulldog tobacco pouch branded Kavatza is a high-quality leather case, with compartments for papers, filters and tobacco.
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Kavatza Mini - High Quality Leather Tobacco Holder

The Bulldog tobacco pouch branded Kavatza is a high-quality leather case. It has the perfect size to be stored in your pocket; this beautiful tobacco pouch has compartments for smoking papers, filters and lighter. Furtermore this elegant tobacco pouch has a wooden shelf for greater comfort, a rubber band to prevent papers go away and a useful tobacco press. The Bulldog Kavatza tobacco pouch, in short, has everything you need to take a break in peace.

Technical specifications:

  • Brown leather
  • Size: 16 x 6 cm

Product list The Bulldog
Manufacturer The Bulldog
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