Seaweed Bokashi Hummus 2,5L - Vithal Garden

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Promote microbiological life

Vithal Garden Seaweed Humus Bokashi is an ecological humus obtained from agarophytic algae through a Bokashi composting process, producing a fermentation of organic matter and promoting microbiological communities, which are so beneficial for the natural fertility of the soil. The product is completely organic

Advantages of the Product:

  • Enhances vegetative growth, rooting, flowering, germination and fruit formation
  • It increases the immune capacity of plants and strengthens them against the stress of transplants or adverse weather conditions
  • It can be used as a soil improver as it facilitates water retention, substrate permeability and drainage. It also promotes the assimilation of nutrients by plants
  • Neutralizes the absorption of heavy metals from herbicides and insecticides
  • Product free of seeds and weeds
  • No unpleasant odors
  • Composition: fermented algae 80%, plant structuring 20%

Technical features:

  • Total nitrogen: 1.5%
  • Phosphorus (P2O5): 0.5%
  • Potassium (K2O): 0.2%
  • C / N ratio: 19
  • Organic matter: 19
  • Organic carbon: 30%
  • Conductivity: 2,180 μS / cm
  • Humic acids: 5.25%
  • Maximum humidity: 30%
  • PH: 7.1

Directions for use:

For pots and planters up to 15 cm. Spread about 30 g on the container (equivalent to a handful), repeating the fertilizer every 2-3 months.
For new plantation. Mix the substrate with humus in a proportion of 70% substrate and 30% humus.

Dosage by type of crop

  • Grass. New plantation: 1.5 L / m2. Maintenance: 0.8 L / m2
  • Ornamental / Herbaceous. 0.6 L / m2
  • Rose bushes and shrubs. 1 L per foot per year.
  • Lives. 1.5 L per foot and year.
  • Fruit trees and trees. Small trees: 1.5 L per foot per year. Large trees: 3 L per foot per year, preferably applied in late winter or early spring and autumn.
  • Vegetables. 30 g per plant when sowing and 30 g per plant per month.
  • Tomato: 0.5 L per foot when sowing + 0.3 L per plant per month.
  • Seedlings. Enrich the stock of seedlings by adding 20% ​​of product.

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