Ram - Carbon Filter 700m3h 150mm



This carbon filter can filter up to 700m3 / h
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700 Cubic Meters Per Hour with a 15cm Flange

RAM activated carbon filter, 700 m³ / h, connection flange ø 150 mm The RAM activated carbon filter series is a range of professional filters specially developed for the grower. They are easy to use and very good value for money. The filter contains a new Australian RC412 charcoal widely recognized as one of the best charcoals for air filtration. It has a very low ash content (less than 13%) and is an untreated granulated product that can be compacted very densely. This way, it leaves no air spaces from which organic compounds (odors) can escape. RAM Pro activated carbon filters have a carbon pore size of 0.02 microns, which means volatile organic odors can be absorbed much better. During filling, inline drying and dehumidification ensure that the charcoal is in optimum condition before the filter is compressed. A special expansion foam on the filter intake ensures that the compression rate of the carbon always remains high.


  • Brand: Ram
  • Flange: 15cm
  • m3 / h: 700

Product list RAM
Extract Capacity 700 m3/h
Manufacturer RAM
Diameter cm
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