Plagron Bat Guano 1L

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Bat Guano ensures strong root development, fast growth and abundant bloom

Bat Guano is an organic fertiliser produced by bats. Is also the most balanced and potent manure available, and is remarkably clean as well! The presence of countless active organic ingredients and a very high level of phosphorus ensure strong root development, fast growth and abundant bloom. It has a high natural phosphorus content, which makes it extremely suitable as a fertiliser for flowering plants.


  • Potting Soil: You will need to mix 5 Litres with 100 Litres of potting soil and mix in well.
  • soil Growth: You will need 1 Litre per 5 square metre and mix it well into the soil.

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Plagron Bat Guano 25L - € 69,00


Flower Yes
Organic Nutrinets Yes
Manufacturer Plagron

Product list Plagron

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