Philips SON-T AGRO 400 W - Indoor Growing Lamp



One of the most efficient and effective light sources available to indoor gardeners today, the SON-T Lamp from Philips guarantees big crops – both in terms of quality and quantity!
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Philips SON-T AGRO - A Lamp for Vegetative Growth and Flowering

The Philips SON-T AGRO 400W is an AGRO high pressure sodium lamp, with a luminous spectrum of combined colours red-orange-blue.

The series SON-T, include vapor lamps, high pressure sodium constructed of ceramic material enclosed within a glass bulb. The series SON-T represent a series of Standard products quality but definetely cheap which allows to combine light, quality and cheapness. To be used throughout the life cycle of the plant, it ensures a 'good vegetative growth and a rich flowering.


 Technical Details

  • Attachment - E40
  • Bulb Shape - T46 [T 46mm]
  • Bulb Finish - Light
  • Operating position - UNIV. [Any Universal (U)]
  • Adjustable - Yes
  • Lamp Wattage - 400W




Growing area 1,2 m²
Lumen 55500 lm
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 40 Cm
Length 28 Cm
Diameter 5 Cm
Bloom Yes
Watt 400 W
Manufacturer Philips
Agro Yes
Lamp Agro
Growth Yes
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