Scale Silicon Bowl - 200g x 0,01g



Silicon Bowl scale - 200g x 0.01g, accurate to 0.01g and weighs up to 200g. With silicone container, perfect both for storing the scale itself and as a storage tray.
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Precision Scale with silicone container

La Bilancia Silicon Bowl - 200g x 0,01g is precise to 0.01 g and weighs up to 200 g. The scale can be stored in the supplied silicone tray, making it perfect for people who do not want to leave scales in their house lying around. Once unfolded, the tray can be used to weigh.


  • Capacity: 200 g x 0.01 g
  • Units: g / oz / gn / ct / dwt
  • Screen: backlit LCD (61 mm x 19 mm)
  • Features: overload protection, auto-off, tare function, calibration button, foldable silicone bowl and storage tray
  • Power supply: 2x AAA (including batteries)
  • Dimensions: 123 mm x 72 mm x 19 mm

Attention: The scale must be calibrated

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