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For beginners and small projects. Simple, efficient and elegant.
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For beginners and small projects. Simple, efficient and elegant.

The Panda Systems are our latest growing units. A little smaller than the Dutch Pot Systems, they allow you to grow from 8 to 40 plats, depending on the size of the plants you are growing.

In «Hydro» or in «Aero» versions, the Panda Systems are easy to assemble and user-friendly.

    They offer unique advantages:
  • They are self-contained, to prevent leaking.
  • Their rectangular shape (124 x 62 x 53 cm) makes them easy to use in any small area.
  • Its large reservoir (150 L), for a relatively small amount of plants, guarantees a good water supply and helps regulate the pH level.

and especially!
They feature the «Panda» reservoir, a high-end product:

  • Black inside to protect roots from light
  • White outside to reject heat and protect the nutritive solution from high temperatures.

Product list GHE
Height 53 Cm
Length 124 Cm
Width 62 Cm
Plants 8 / 40
Capacity 150 Lt
Manufacturer GHE
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