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Orchid ULTRA is blended from highly active plant extracts. It is richly endowed with pure humic and fulvic acids.
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Blended from highly active plant extracts.

Orchid ULTRA  is richly endowed with pure humic and fulvic acids and blended from highly active plant extracts. 


  • Use pure soft water at all times with orchids - clean rain water is ideal.
  • Add ORCHID ULTRA to water at 5ml (one teaspoon) per litre. Water around roots on a weekly basis during the drowing season, 
  • Alternatively addd to nutrient solutions at 5ml per litre and apply together. 
  • Can be applied to plants in flower. 

 This is NOT a fertiliser and should be usedi n conjunction with a good quality nutrient solution such as ORCHID FOCUS GROW and ORCHID FOCUS BLOOM.

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