OPDO - Optical LDO (Luminescence) Sensor Oximeter - HI98198

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HI98198 OPDO is the new HANNA oximeter with LDO (luminescence) optical sensor, for precise and rapid analyzes of dissolved oxygen in water and wastewater. This professional instrument has IP67 (instrument) and IP68 (probe) protection degrees and measures DO, atmospheric pressure, BOD and temperature. It comes with all necessary accessories, including probe, Smart Cap ™ sensor, calibration solution and hard case.

The HI98198 OPDO uses the HI764113 optical LDO probe, which has many advantages over other methods of dissolving oxygen determination (galvanic or polarographic).

  • No membrane
  • No electrolyte
  • Lightning-fast readings
  • Reading stability
  • For difficult applications
  • It does not require frequent calibrations


Dissolved oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen (DO or OD) is a parameter that is monitored very carefully in various sectors. In wastewater treatment it is a fundamental parameter to be monitored to ensure the removal of biodegradable organic substances. It is one of the most expensive parts of the purification process, due to the energy cost of producing oxygen. But it is not only monitored to save energy during treatment, or it is also and most importantly measured to ensure that there is sufficient oxygen present for the aerobic (good) bacteria. Dissolved oxygen is also monitored by environmental engineers to determine the quality of groundwater and surface water. In breweries and cellars, DO is needed during fermentation, but not in the finished product. Other applications where dissolved oxygen is measured are aquaculture and hydroponics, due to the oxygen requirement for all living animals.

Features in evidence

Optical Digital LDO Probe

  • IP68 watertight

No maintenance

  • No membrane
  • No electrolyte
  • Probe ready for use upon first start-up (no polarization required)

Maximum performance

  • Lightning-fast readings
  • Reading stability
  • No drift
  • AUTOEND function, which fixes the reading as soon as it is stable


Manufacturer Hanna Instruments

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