Nutrients For You Indoor Cultivation

Fertilizers and nutrients are to plants what food is to humans

Fertilizers and nutrients are to plants what food is to humans, this making them an important element of the indoor cultivation. There are numerous types of nutrients on the market, however it is important to  make sure that the nutrients used are adapt to the type of cultivation. For example if you are cultivating in soil we must use a fertilizer specifically for soil which is composed of elements which integrate with the elements found in the soil which are clearly not indicated for inert substrates like clay pebbles or rockwool.

Following are the descriptions and methods of use of the nutrients to supply in the various stages of growth and flowering, in our examples Cellmax nutrients are indicated. Obviously if a different line of products are chosen, refer to the brands instructions and doses. For this reason the manufactures of the various product lines supply their own irrigation schemes, to summarize their products and doses relative to the week and cycle of the plant.

The Cellmax scheme indicates a table with the doses, weeks, and products to use: 

  • CellMax Rootbooster
  • CellMax TERRA Grow Mix
  • CellMax TERRA Bloom Mix
  • CellMax Superenzyme
  • CellMax P-K Booster

Cellmax Rootbooster (Weeks 1-2)

The rootbooster is a potent root stimulator. A vegetable based product, adapt for all types of substrates cultures. The condition and size of the roots is fundamental for a prolific development of the plant and its flowers. Cellmax rootbooster contains amino acids (stabilize the metabolism) and encourages the roots to develop, vitamins C,E,B1 which increases the production of little root capillaries. Strengthens the plant and protects against fungi and contamination. Doses: dilute 4ml per 1litre of water.

Cellmax Terra Grow (weeks 1,2,3 and 4)

Cellmax Terra Grow contains nitrogen , a little potassium and phosphorus in trace elements designed for a rapid absorption. It is a highly concentrated liquid , designed specifically for growth in soil and has a special proportion N,P,K ideal for cultivation in pots for a cycle of 2/3months max. Doses: dilute 2/3/4ml per 1litre of water.

Cellmax Terra Bloom (weeks 4,5,6,7 and 8)

Terra Bloom is used to bring out a rich flowering period and production and has a special proportion N,P,K ideal for cultivation in pots for a cycle of 2/3months. Doses: dilute 4ml per 1litre of water.

Instructions: As soon as the plant starts to flower start dosing terra bloom up until the last week of flowering.

Cellmax Superenzyme (weeks 4,5,6,7 and 8)

Fungi and dead roots can influence negatively the growth of a plant. When there are dead roots in the soil, the plant finds difficulty in absorbing the nutrients correctly. The enzymes present in Cellmax superenzymes convert the fungi and dead roots into sugars and minerals which are then easily absorbed by the plant. The superenzyme increases the capacity of root absorption and recuperates the correct rapport of oxygen in the soil. Doses: dilute 3ml per 1litre of water.

Cellmax Flower Power (Optional during the advanced of the flowering stage)

Cellmax flower power makes the flowers production compact and incredibly large. Its made of organic elements, derived from a mixture of plant extracts in itself. Its rapid result and exceptional results are generated from a mixture of complex molecules, such as fructose, amino acids , vitamins and sugars.

Doses: dilute 2ml per 1litre of water (2 times a week)

NOTE: conserve at a temperature range 6°-24° do not expose to the sun.

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