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The Monkey Soil - Monkey Myko are mushrooms and mycorrhizal spores, which act as a biological fertilizer and regulator.
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Mushrooms and Spores of Micorizza

In this section, you can buy I Monkey Soil - Monkey Myko, mushrooms and mycorrhizal spores, which act as biological fertilizer and regulator. They are vescico-arbuscular endomicorized of the genus glomus intrarradices. They penetrate the root of the plant fortifying its growth and facilitating the absorption of nutrients.The application of Monkey Myko generates more robust root systems and increases the proliferation of hormones that stimulate the growth of the secondary roots that bring greater firmness to the plant. In adult plants, 2-3 grams per plant are applied.


  • Nitrogen 15%
  • Phosphorus 13%
  • Potassium 13%
  • Organic matter 52%
  • pH 8
  • EC 1.47
  • Humidity 40%

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