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Monkey Klone of Monkey Soil sprouting trays are seedbeds with organic fertilizer and root hormones perfect for seed germination and plant cloning.
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In this section, you can buy Monkey Klone sprouting trays from Monkey Soil, 150 alveoli, which are seedbeds with organic fertilizer and radical hormones, perfect for seed germination and plant cloning. Each alveolus is prepared with a mixture of peat and nutrients to obtain excellent results during the germination process and healthy and strong clones. They are a widely tested product, with 100% efficiency.

Used for the first phase of plant growth, they favour an extraordinary development of the roots. The instructions for using the Monkey Klone is very simple, it is only necessary to hydrate the substrate and insert the seeds or cuttings into each of the alveoli.


  • coconut peat
  • sphagnum peat
  • nitrogen
  • NPK
  • iron
  • calcium carbonate

- Ph: 5-5.5

- Real density: 250-300 Kg / m3

- 52cm x 30cm x 5cm

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Monkey Soil - Monkey Klone 104 alveolus - € 11,76

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