Minigarden Corner: take advantage of every corner in your house as whether indoors or outdoors, Minigarden Corner breathes new life into every nook and cranny.
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Every nook and cranny will be forever changed

Minigarden Corner: take advantage of every corner in your house as whether indoors or outdoors, Minigarden Corner breathes new life into every nook and cranny.

Whether for growing aromatic plants in the kitchen or ornamental plants in the living room, Minigarden Corner fits perfectly in your home.

Minigarden Corner modules can be combined in many ways, with or without Minigarden Vertical.

Mix with Minigarden Vertical

Because Minigarden Vertical is compatible with Minigarden Corner, you can spread the wings of your imagination and create all kinds of structures to pot your plants.

Irrigation system

The irrigation system is composed of a micro-tube with an outer diameter of 6.5 mm with drip-feeders incorporated, which is placed inside each module.

It can be connected to a manual sprayer or directly to the main water supply.

Consistent irrigation is extremely important for healthy plant growth, which is why we have developed Minigarden irrigation systems that enable plants to be cared for properly and methodically without any effort.
Minigarden irrigation systems begin with a basic version that may be supplemented with various components, which are recommended for more demanding care.

Minigarden Corner is made of high resistance polypropylene copolymer and includes additives for protection against ultraviolet rays, which allow it to be used in extreme weather conditions (solar radiation and temperature). It has an estimated life cycle of ten years.



The environment’s wellbeing is a constant concern of ours, so Minigarden Vertical is made out of a recyclable material



Regardless of what use Minigarden is put to, the advantages of this modular system are innumerable:


  • Allows multiple applications
  • Facilitates plant management
  • Greater water savings
  • Greater number of plants per area
  • Allows permanent contact with nature
  • Easy to re-use. Mobile and durable.
  • Healthy diet, with no toxic products
  • The pleasure of producing something
  • Discovery of the pleasures of cooking
  • Elegant decoration with a surprising aroma
  • Therapeutic and relaxing activity
  • Interesting and educational for children
  • Greater control over pests and diseases


Tecnichal Specifications

  • Set includes: 3 moduls + 6 clips + 1 drain tray
  • Pots: 3 pots
  • Maximum Capacity: 4,8 liters
  • Recommended Capacity: 4,5 liters
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 57 cm
  • Material: Polipropylene Moplen 
  • Weight: 0,82 kg
  • Warranty: 3 years

Manufacturer Minigarden
Capacity 4,5 Lt
Warranty 3 Years
Plants 3
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 57 Cm
  • Overall opinion
  • Product quality
  • Easy to use
  • Expected results
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