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The Mega Pack of Gold Label is a fertilizer kit of a high quality for hydroponics and aeroponics. Highly absorption chelated ingredients , ideal for plants in inert substrates.
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Professional fertilizer kit for hydroponics

The Mega Pack of Gold Label Hydro is a fertilizer kit of high quality for hydroponic and aeroponic growings.

Nutrients and bio-simulators from germination to flowering

Complete kit of professional bio-simulators for super healthy plants. It includes basic nutrients A+B, root bio-simulator, calcium and magnesium supplement, bloom simulator with precise dosages of phosphorus and potassium, substrate enzymes and activaters. You will find everything plants need in this Gold Label Mega Pack, suitable for the whole life cycle of plants.

The pack is composed of:

  • Gold Label - Roots 250ml (highly concentrate root simulator)
  • Gold Label - Hydro A+B 2x1L ( basic macro and micro elements for growth and flowering)
  • Gold Label - Ultra MG 500ml ( calcium and magnesium supplement)
  • Gold Labe -l Ultra PK 500ml (Flowering simulator with phosphorus and potassium)
  • Gold Label - Enzyme 250ml (natural enzymatic concentrate additive)

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