Grow Tent Mammoth Lite 80 +

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80cm Grow Box best value-for-money

Mammoth Lite 80 + Grow Tent is made for people who desire a good quality grow box to a competitive price.

The grow tents for sale on our site have any sort of size. There are small grow tents and it is the biggest one among our competitors.

To build our grow tent is very easy. All is clear thanks to our instruction manual, in fact, grow tent setup takes just few minutes to assemble. Series Mammoth Lite need just few minutes for its preparation. You do not need any special tool.

Grow Tent is light and easy to assemble

Media clamps are inside to support a system for the treatment of the odours and there are measuring instruments. The air turnover is guaranteed thanks to the holes for the extractor fans and thanks to the side laced slots for the passive ventilation. 

The Benefits of Mammoth Lite80 + Grow Tent

Mammoth Lite80 + Grow Box has many interesting benefits. Mammoth Grow Tent has a very good value-for-money but you do not be fooled by the cost. Our Grow tent is tried-and-tested and highly researched. It has all the good features for being the perfect Grow tent. 

  • Mammoth LIite80 + has a great value-for-money grow tents
  • You have all for 100% grow room control
  • It is easy and quick to assemble
  • It is perfect for the use with a 250w HPS light - if you need a saving economy lamp for plant you can use a 125w CFL (Compact Flourescent Light) 
  • Hanging tubes with 20kg loading capacities for lights, carbon filters, duct fans
  • Removable waterproof drip-sheet
  • Heavy-duty steel framework
  • It forms a totally light-proof

Technical Details and Size of Mammoth Lite80 + Grow Tent

You need a grow tent with the reliability of the Mammoth Grow Lite80. When the zips are closed, this tent forms a sealed unit. Light cannot penetrate through. That's why there is no trouble to the ‘lights-off’ period.

On the other hand, high-intensity indoor lighting can be used in the right way during the ‘lights-on’ period. The produced light energy is directed towards your plants.

This is all made possible with premium-grade-lightproof zippers, drawstrings for the inlets and high-quality double stitching.

Zips, for example, are an area that the Mammoth team do pay attention to.Technical details and size of Mammoth Lite80 Grow tent are as follows.

There is the correct equipment for your setup. 

  • 1 front opening
  • Extraction socks: 1 x 6" (152 mm)
  • Intake socks: 1 x 6" (152 mm)
  • Cable socks: 1 x 3" (7,6 cm)
  • Natural panel ventilation : 1x 30x20cm
  • Cooltube socks: not available
  • Support filter clamps: 2
  • Waterproof tray: NOT included
  • Reflective sheeting: Mylar 170D
  • Volume: 1.02 m3
  • Shelter diameter: 16mm
Suggested Lamps for plants

There are different lamps for the growth of plants. The HPS - MH lamps are cheap and there is no energy saving but it is the best one for the correct growth of the plant in the grow tent.

HPS - MH lamp need a ballast with the same wattaqe of the high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps, click here if you need a grow light kit package with a ballast included

Though they are more expensive than the MH - HPS lamp you can choose Grow LED or CFL lamps if you prefer energy saving.

Suggested lamps for plants are following:

  • HPS-MH 150W/250W
  • LED 200W/280W
  • CFL compact fluorescent 200W/250W/300W
Suggested extractor fans

Extractor fans have the fundamental tasks to release air inside the grow tent - that becomes very hot because of the high temperature of the lamps - and led to new air to regenerate the environment to achieve the perfect temperature thanks to the extractor fans . 

Extractor fans need filter that allow the entry and exit of the air.

Our suggestion for the extractor fans are below:

Extraction one: 90-180 mc/h

Input one: 50-150 mc/h


Growbox Type eco
Manufacturer Mammoth
Square metre 0,6
Height 160 Cm
Width 80 Cm
Depth 80 Cm
Model Lite

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  • "This Grow tent is very good because is very easy to use, to move. It has a great value-for -price. It is highly reccomended for any sort of growing. "
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