Sonlight Hyperled PAR38 - Agro Booster - 16W ( Grow and Bloom Phase)



The Hyperled Sonlight PAR38 LED Booster Lamps, E27, have been created specifically for the indoor growing sector. Using LED technology, PAR lights are more efficient than standard bulbs, making the...
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Grow Led Lamp for Vegetative and Blooming

The HyperLed Sonlight PAR38 LED Booster Lamps, with E27 plug, have been expressly created for the indoor growing sector.

Thanks to the introduction of the new 3W Led and with its 120° lens, the PAR38 LED Booster covers a wide surface with high performance light levels, absorbing the absolute minimum of energy required.

The LED advantages in the Indoor Grow.

  • The LED permit high energy saving: electricity bills are said to be between 40% and 75% less than an equivalent HID or CFL system
  • The LED grow lights produce virtually no heat. This means that less investment, energy & thought has to go into dealing with heat extraction. Assuming that your grow room is located within your home environment, you probably keep the ambient temperature at around the ideal growing temps.
  • The LED grow lights have no filament system to burn out, and have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours: easy to install, there are neither ballasts nor reflectors to be replaced.

Versatile  AGRO LED Spotlight

The Sonlight PAR38 Agro Booster is a low energy compact spotlight, developed to increase the growing and blooming phases for plants in hydrophonic and indoor farming. 

The PAR38 Agro Booster is very versatile and can be used for 2 main different purposes:

As a supplement lamp: combined with other lamps, can potentiate the lighting system and therefore the final result, without increasing the temperatures in the growing area. The LED lamps, infact, produce very little heat. 

As main Lamp: its reduced size makes the Sonlight PAR38 Agro Booster perfect for main light in small growbox and in the micro-growing (PC growbox), keeping an high light efficiency level and high performances with Autoflowering plants.

Technical features

Specifics and Details for LED Sonlight PAR3:

  • Power: (3w x 12) 36W
  • Real energy consumption: 16W
  • Input: AC100V-240V
  • N° LED: 12 Multispectrum
  • Expected lifespan: 50000 ore
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C / 40°C
  • Lumen: 1920 lm
  • color temperature: 4500°K
  • size: 123x140mm
  • Plug: E27

Discover how to better enlighten your grow room during the different phases of growing and blooming.

Others formats:

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Sonlight Hyperled PAR38 - BLOOM Booster 2700°K - 16W - E27 - € 65,00

Product list Sonlight
Led Type 3W
Certification CE, ROS
Colors Band 6 x Multispectrum
Watt 16 W
Degree °K 4500
Lumen 1920 lm
Volt 100 - 240V Volt
Manufacturer Sonlight
Dimensions 13 x 14 Cm
Agro Yes
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  • Easy to use
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