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600w Sylvania Grolux Sodium Grow Lamp are the cheapest bulbs we sell but still provide excellent results for indoor growers. Grolux lamps are designed to provide a much broader spectrum of light which...
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Sylvania Grolux is a lamp for the whole lifecycle of the plant

Grolux Sylvania 600W is a high pressure sodium bulb from SYLVANIA GROLUX enriched with a light blue spectrum (+30W) = 630W total.

Product Description

The Sylvania Grolux 600w grow lamp is a dual-spectrum lamp with 90,000 lumens of output. It produces light mostly in the orange/red part of the spectrum for excellent flowering  but it also has 30% more of the blue spectrum (for the vegetative stage). It works only in combination with a 600w ballast and a reflector with an E-40 socket. Such as with all lamps the light output it produces decreases with use over time. Hydroponics Grow Shop recommends you replace your lamp regularly to maintain your garden efficiency.

 Technical Details

  • Vegetative plant cultivation phase - Agro + Bloom
  • Power (Watts) 600W
  • Cultivation Area (sq m) - from 1.3 to 1,8mq
  • Bright red spectrum at 2050 ° K
  • 90000 lumens
  • Attachment E40



Growing area 2,1 m²
Lumen 90000 lm
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 55 Cm
Life 30000 Hour
Length 30 Cm
Diameter 4,8 Cm
Watt 600 W
Bloom Yes
Manufacturer Sylvania
Lamp Agro
Growth Yes
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