Irrigation And Ph Control

Controlling the values present in water and irrigation solution

The irrigation is very important as in addition to simply providing water, you will also be providing important nutrients which the plants need to grow.

Water quantities in indoor gardening

The soil must never be overly or completely wet nor dry. There is not a specific valid rule as the speed with which the soil will dry will depend on the temperature and humidity in the cultivation area. Generally, it is enough to irrigate 2/3 times a week. To understand if the time has come to water simply fell the surface of the soil with your hand, if it is dry don’t hesitate to water your plants.

Quality of the water in indoor cultivation

The quality of the water is also a key aspect as it will influence the majority of the plants nutrient absorption. There are 3 fundamental parameters to monitor and correct:

  • PH
  • EC-electrical conductivity
  • temperature

How to regulate the PH

The correct rang of Ph , allows the plants to correctly absorb the perceived nutrients in the irrigation solution. It is advisable to test the prepared irrigation solution with which we will irrigate. By using a ph tester when can determine if the solution is too acidic or too alkaline. If the solution is too acidic we can correct it with the PH- solution, whereas if it is too alkaline we can correct it with the PH+ solution.

Ph- Contains 30% phosphoric acid to reduce the ph value in the solution.

Ph+ Contains potassium carbonate to raise the ph value in the solution.

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