Installing The Aeroponics System

Preparing the Aeroponic system to hold the already germinated seeds

Once having germinated its necessary to prepare the system to plant the new shoot. Many hydroponic systems exist on the market with various characteristics, for our example we will view the Yaroots X-tank 10pot system, being one of the most sold systems with proven technology and guaranteed results.

If you choose a different hydro system , obviously view the manual and instructions of the manufacturer. 

Firstly we must prepare the system:

  1. Position the lower tank
  2. Place the pump in the tank
  3. Position the top tray
  4. Fit in pots on the top tray
  5. Connect the pump to main irrigation tube
  6. Connect the main irrigation tube to the capillary tubing and drippers
  7. Fill the pots with hydrokorrels (clay pebbles)make sure to have rinsed any remaining dust off the pebbles first
  8. Connect the pump to the timer(in chapter 6 we will view timing your hydroponic system)
  9. Fill the tank with the water and nutrients (in chapter 9 we will view this in depth)
  10. Place the rockwool cube containing the shoot in the clay pebbles and position the dripper directly over the cube.

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