Hydrogranules Grand D'Eau - 9gr Pack



Grain D'Eau 9gr is a water retainer that holds the water and nutrient solution allowing you to save money during the watering periods. It works as a reservoir of water that is stored and maintained at...
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Hydro-Retainer which helps you to pour less water

Grand D'Eau is a hydro-retainer that holds water and any chemical element added to water (fertilizers, dyes, fungicides, etc.). 

Mixed with the soil, the operation of GRAIN D'EAU is the following: during periods of rain or watering, GRAIN D'EAU swells until reaching on average 450 times its initial weight.

The water is stored and maintained at a suitable depth of water for the plants, preventing it from being dispersed, allowing you to save money in the periods of watering (3 out of 4 waterings become useless with the use of GRAIN D'EAU).

DOSAGE: 1 teaspoon is sufficient for 6 liters of soil.

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