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A popular growing medium for growing in pots for many years now. Perlite is lightweight and has good aeration and drainage qualities. Perlite works well and is highly suitable for growing plants throu...
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A popular growing medium for growing in pots for many years now.

Perlite by Plagron is puffed volcanic rock that creates a porous substrate and better drainage. Use Perlite to improve the structure of earth. Perlite is widely applicable. It has a constant quality, pathogen-free and provides the ideal water / air ratio. Perlite stimulates root development.The product has the RHP.

Applicationfor a lighter substrate and better drainage.

  • Stimulates root development
  • Has a high water holding capacity and oxygen
  • Has a constant quality and germ free
  • Provides the ideal water / air ratio
  • Has the RHP hallmark
100% perlite.
manualmixing 10-35% Perlite through the earth.
  • Perlite is also used as a hydrological substrate.
  • It creates root space below a tray with cuttings.
  • Perlite is an ideal addition to any soil mixture.

  • Bag of 10 liters.
  • Bag of 60 liters.

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