Growth Technology - Clonex Mist - 5L

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Specially developed for even more effective cloning.

Clonex Mist is a well-known and appreciated product specially developed for even more effective cloning.

Benefits of Clonex:

  • The best results every time
  • Fast root generation
  • Strong and healthy plant
  • Compared to other dedicated fertilizers on the market, growth technology products are characterized by better ingredients and higher concentrations


    The new Clonex® Mist class was developed in New Zeasoil by Dr. Lynette Morgan of the Suntec Laboratory of Ficus and Dianthus. Root development has been shown to be faster for up to 10 days, with 30% longer roots and up to 156% more roots than using water alone.

    CLONEX® Mist is easy to use and generates faster, more energetic and healthier clones. For best results, use CLONEX root gel® Root® Riot®. All seedlings use to place them in a propagator with adjustable ventilation.

    Instructions for Use:

Choose a healthy plant with strong spikes. If possible, seedlings can be sprayed with Clonex Mist once or twice a week before taking the strong spikes. Use a sharp blade, such as a scalpel, to cut the diagonal stems, just below the leaf node. Use sharp scissors to cut a few larger leaves, leaving two or three on the cut. Then the decapitated tips should be dipped in the Rooting Gel and immediately inserted into the Root Riot cube, which should be moistened before use. The new seedlings spray Clonex® Mist and put in a propagator. The lid should be closed and the vents closed as well. After 2-3 days, spray clonex® Mist again and open the vents. Check for new roots after a few days - keep spraying until the plant is inserted after filling. If you plant in the ground, carefully arrange the soil around the roots to prevent damage.


Just mix one part of Clonex Mist Concentrate with three parts of clean fresh water (eg. To prepare 1 liter of solution: pour 250ml of Clonex Mist Concentrate into a clean plastic sprayer and add 750ml of clean water). Shake well before spraying on plants and consume within three days.


Manufacturer Growth Technology

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