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SYLVANIA SHP-TS 400W GROLUX SHP - TS is a range of high pressure sodium products offering the unique combination of very high efficiency and long life. The light is mostly in a red/yellow spectrum, n...
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Grolux light spectrum maximises red output essential for plant growth

SYLVANIA SHP-TS 400W GROLUX is a high pressure sodium bulb especially for the flowering stage of the plants.

Specific Information

SHP-TS GroLux is a range of tubular high pressure sodium lamps with improved characteristics and performance, especially developed for supplementary lighting in greenhouses. With the SHP - TS Grolux products it is possible to increase both the total amount of light to the plants and its quality without costly modifications to existing lighting installations. Remember that it Works only with 250W HPS ballast and E 40 socket.

The results after using this product are the following:

  • More, larger and better flowers
  • Thicker, longer, heavier stems
  • Taller and longer plants
  • Increased volume in crops
  • Using existing fixtures and ballast combinations, an increase of up to 10% in visible light and phyto (plant) lumens can be observed.
  • Improved light quality : adding blue and much more red light to which plants are very sensitive

Technical Data

  • Name: Bulb Sylvania SHP-TS 400W
  • Weight: 0.300 Kg
  • Attack Lampholder: E40
  • Stage: Flowering
  • Area of cultivation: 1 m
  • Watt: 400
  • Bright Spectrum in ° Kelvin: 2050
  • Lumens: 56500
  • Phyto-Lumens: 200000
  • Optimal flow: 143 Lum / Watt at 25 ° C
  • Manufacturer: Sylvania




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Growing area 1,2 m²
Lumen 55000 lm
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 45 Cm
Length 30 Cm
Diameter 4,8 Cm
Watt 400 W
Bloom Yes
Manufacturer Sylvania
Lamp HPS
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