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1000w HPS (Super Red) Superplant is a High Pressure Sodium Lamp which produces More Dense Flowers and About 5% of Harvest more. Perfect For Hydroponics or Cultivation in soil.
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More flowers and more harvest is guaranteed.

This 1000W HPS Super Red by Superplant promotes an optimum and rich blooming stage. It provides a richer more nutritious red spectrum.

High Pressure Sodium Lights 1000w MH grow lamp gives you a balanced red spectrum that improves the growth stage. Plants become stronger and healty.
This grow light is made up of a quartz discharge tube enclosed within a clear tempered glass bulb. The tube contains a blend of halide metals.
Suitable for the blooming stages.

About Super Red 1000w High Pressure Sodium Lamp For Bloom

  • High efficiency 1000W (>137 lm/W = 137.000 lumens)
  • This bulb is indicated for the blooming stage of the plant's lifecycle.
  • Given the high emissions of red spectrum, this lamp encourages the ideal result in the bloom and the quality of the plant.
  • Increase the yeld of flowers
  • High spectrum efficiency for the whole period

How to use this 1000w  grow bulb

Mounting this lamp for plants is very simple and fast.
You need just to screw the lamp, holding it with a clean cloth, into the E40 bulb-holder fitting of your reflector until it will turn no further. Make sure that the lamp is well screwed into the holder.
Now you have to connect your reflector cable to your 1000W MH/HPS ballast (it is very important to choose a magnetic or electronic ballast with the same wattage of the grow light, in this case 1000w).

Recommended "magnetic ballast" for growing with this grow light: 1000w easy magnetic ballast mh/hps

Product list SUPER PLANT
Growing area 2,8 m²
Lumen 130000 lm
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 70 Cm
Length 32 Cm
Diameter 6 Cm
Bloom Yes
Watt 1000 W
Manufacturer SUPER PLANT
Agro Yes
Lamp HPS
Growth Yes
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