Grotek Organics MicroPower 10L

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Fertilizer rich in trace elements essential for the health of the plant

Micro Power by Grotek Organics provides natural micronutrients and contains high levels of sulfur to increase essential oils. Reduces deficiencies in indoor and greenhouse crops.

Growing organically at home can pose problems, not only due to lack of biology, but also due to the lack of micronutrients. Micropower provides a precise ratio of essential trace elements. This ratio is complemented by high levels of magnesium and sulfur to enhance critical plant functions. Added potassium aid for general plant health and crop maturation.

Application dose:

Mix 1-2 ml per liter of water when growing in inert soils without soil or crop water. For use in outdoor or ground applications, consult a soil analysis to find out if plants require additional micronutrient applications

Others formats:

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