Grotek Organics Core 10L



The Grotek Organics Core fertilizer develops a formidable growth and its plant-derived components increase biological life in the substrate, improving soil quality.
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Fertilizer for growth

Grotek Organics Core is a basic fertilizer derived from fermented beet molasses. It is composed of nutrients completely of plant origin.

Core is one of the component products of the Grotek Organics range. It is composed of all those macro and micro elements, which need a plant as a basis for good growth and good flowering.

Not being a specific product of only one part of our plant life cycle, Grotek Organics Core covers all the basic nutrients we need to get a regularized crop.

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Grotek Organics Core 500ml - € 18,90
Grotek Organics Core 4L - € 95,80
Manufacturer Grotek
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