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Fertilizzante organico a base di pesci tropicali pescati nel Mare di Giava, ricco di macro-elementi di origine naturale che aumentano la massa radicale, per una crescita veloce e una fioritura rigogli...
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Aumenta la produzione di frutti in modo naturale grazie ai macroelementi presenti nei pesci tropicali

Fish powder by Guano Kalong  (N4-P5-K1)

Is obtained from tropical fishes which are gathered by fishermen in the Java Sea. The strong presence of nitrogen and phosphorous helps plants with rapid growth, root structuring, increased seed & fruit production and improves the quality of the crops.


  • Water with solution of 1 cup (50 ml) to 5 liters of water.
  • Mix 1 cup with 15 liters of soil (1 plant) in 2nd week or use as top dressing.

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