Flexible Combi Duct PVC/Aluminum Ø12,5cm - 10m



Flexible metal hose Combiconnect is suitable to canalize the air in a Grow Room as well as for various industrial purposes, such as exhaust emissions or welding as well as to canalize the air in the g...
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Professional double-bedded flexible hose

The Professional Combiconnect Flexible Hose is suitable for various industrial purposes, such as exhaust fumes or welding, as well as to channel the air in the grow room. The Combiconnect Conduct is much more resistant than the normal aluminium hoses because the interior is made of laminated aluminum/polyester, encapsulated inside a steel coil of high-wheel externally covered with CPE black chlorinated polyethylene.

Technical Data

Some features of the double layer Flexible Hose - Combiconnect

  • Range of temperature: -30/+140°C
  • Diameter: 315mm

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Diameter 35,5 Cm
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