Extractor TT 150 Smart Dual (405-520 m3/h) Cornwall Electronics

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Splendid performance extractor

The Cornwall Electronic extractor is designed to meet the needs of every grower and all manufacturers.
The TT150 Smart Dual made of high quality and strength ABS plastic, which is very durable and low combustible.
Motor with impeller and terminal block are attached to the case with special clamps with latches, designed to be demounted without any special skills or instruments.
Due to such design the maintenance of the fan is extremely simple.

Unlike many other brands, Cornwall Electronics TT includes a speed control button, so with a simple click you can switch speed mode without restarting a whole device.
With the bult-in cable, you can just plug it and enjoy its benefit, also possible to use actived carbon filters, anti-odor.

Characteristics of the two-speed extract
The 150 smart dual TT extractor (405-520 m3 / h) has a two-speed flow control for ventilation systems in indoor cultivation.

Diameter: 150mm
Speed: 2
Voltage: 230 VAT
Frequency: 50 Hz
Min Power: 30W
Max Power: 60W
Min Capacity: 405 M3 / H
Max capacity: 520 M3 / H

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Manufacturer Cornwall Electronics

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