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The Dutch Formula plant food of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland is a high quality 3-part nutrition which we perfected through research and the experiences of our customers. This liquid plant food can...
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Unique formula for all the phases of your plant, directly from Holland

Fertilization has never been easier than with the basic Dutch Formula line. The Dutch Formula plant food by Advanced Hydroponics of Holland is a high quality 3-part nutrition which has been implemented over the years through research and the experiences of users. This liquid plant food can be used for both hydro, soil and coco. The starter Box offers all you need for the fe cycle of the plant, which guarantee the best results.

The 3 part nutrients are called Grow, Bloom and Micro and must be used at the same time, dosing them according to the phase. The use of the Dutch Formula fertilizer is increadibly simple , suitable for everyone, from beginner to experienced growers. This excellent plant food is manufactured using only the best and purest ingredients, then tested in conformity of Dutch Quality control standards.

Grow: this part of the nutrients enables the plants during the growth phase to take up all the important components required in this stage. for strong leaves, dark green with healty roots and to prepare the pants for an optimal bud production in the blooming phase.

healthy roots. Because of the fast and healthy state of the plants in this phase, all conditions are created for an optimal bud production in the flowering phase.

Bloom: this part of Dutch Formula stimulates and increases the bud and flower production during the flowering phase, implementing the blooming phase and helping the development of large and heavy buds.

Micro: this component is the real key of success. This component by Dutch Formula Advanced Hydroponics contains all essential microelements for both the growth and the blooming phase. Increadibly concentrated, Micro ensures that the plants are  always able to absorb sufficient microelements needed.

The starter pack is all you need to grow 1/2 plants for the entire cycle. 

The package contains: 

1x Dutch Formula Grow 250ml
2x Dutch Formula Bloom 250ml
1x Dutch Formula Micro 250ml

Manufacturer Advanced Hydroponics
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