Advanced Hydroponics Starters Kit

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All you need from seedling to harvesting

Advanced Hydroponics Starters Kit has been put toghether in order to provide you with all you need from seedling to harvesting, in order to take care and grow your plants. Increadibly convenient and great value for money, you will find in the kit the famous tri component nutrient Dutch Formula 1,2,3 (Grow, Micro and Bloom), a powerful root stimulator, a flower booster, enzymes for the healty absorbtion of nutrient and finally, a special flushing product to wash you plants from the unwated reciduals and salts deposited for the best quality product. 

Advanced Hydroponics Starters Kit is value for your money. All the required nutrition for your plants in one box!

This Starters kit includes all you need for the cultivation of 2 to 3 plants and leads to optimal Growth and Flowering results. You try this starters kit from Advanced Hydroponics if smell, taste and quality important is! 

Moreover, this kit is suitable for all growing media such as Soil, Hydro, Coco and Rockwool.

The Starter Kit by Advanced Hydroponics Includes:

Buy and Happy Growing!


Soil Yes
Hydroponics Yes
Coco Yes
Growth Si
Flower Yes
Manufacturer Advanced Hydroponics

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