Cultilite MH 400W Lamp for Indoor Growing



Cultilite Lamp for indoor Growing, cold blue colour temperature of 6400°K (kelvin), the best for stimulating the branching and so facilitating the development and the plant quality.
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Indoor Lamp for Vegetative phase, Quartz Metal Halide

Cultilite focuses on providing high quality grow lamps that produce supplemental or artificial for indoor plant growth.

Cultilite high performance lamps provise plants all over the world with enough light to grow to their full potential, so they can bear fruit and perform the process of photosyntesis, which is essential for life.

In short, with Cultilite the sun shines as long as you want it to.

QMH (Quartz Metal Halide) lamps have many benefits for horticulturalists.

With a stronger cold blue light content, they favor seeding and vegetative growth.

They can be used in a mixed scheme in which HPS and MH are switched or combined to give growers the maximum control over their crops.

MH bulbs have excellent lumen maintenance charateristics.

Increased light and photon flux compared to standard HPS Lamps. Reliable operation throughout the growth cycle. Zirconium gettering system that provides stable PAR maintenance and uniform plant growth. Holy emission of PAR radiations (Photosyntecally active radiations), to maximize light’s absoption and therefore the final yield. Shock resistant and reinforced mouting for enhanced reliability and longer life. Nickel plated corrosion resistant ceramic base E40 CAP suitable for damp environment.

The Quartz Metal Halide Cultilite MH 400W Bulb has a colour temperature of 6400°K (kelvin), considered the best for stimulating the branching and so facilitating the development and the quality of the plants.

Plug: E40

Average Lifespan: 12.000 hours

Watt: 400W

Luminous Efficiency: 90 lm/W

Luminous Flux: 36.000lm

Lumen 36000 lm
Life 12000 Hour
Watt 400 W
Manufacturer Cultilite
Lamp MH
Growth Yes
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