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The MH 600w PowerPlant Retro Fit Lamp is a metal Iodide bulb, perfect during the vegetative growth phase of the plant.
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Metal Iodide Lamp for the vegetative phase

The MH 600w Lamp PowerPlant Retro Fit is a metal Iodide bulb, ideal during the vegetative growth phase of the plant as it emits a blue spectrum of light at 4000 Kelvin.

The arc tube technology of the MH 600w PowerPlant Lamp allows you to achieve greater usable energy without going to sacrifice the intensity or life of the bulb. By providing plants with a pure blue spectrum of light, we help them become very dense with lush green and thicker stems, all of which will help maximize the potential when they enter their flowering period.

MH Powerplant lamps are equipped with a backlight and are designed to work with any type of power supply, even if we have a power supply suitable for HPS lamps, these lamps will still work with a life expectancy of about 10,000 hours.



  • Efficiency - PowerPlant lamps provide more lumens per watt than other lamps
  • Greater usable energy without sacrificing intensity or lamp life
  • Retro Fit Flexible - PowerPlant MH is designed to work with the same power supplies
  • Full Spectrum - PowerPlant provides the complete spectrum of light needed by plants

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