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CELLMAX COCOGROW-BLOOM PROFESSIONAL PLANT NUTRITION FOR COCO!Tap water contains a lot of useful elements such as calcium, magnesium, sulphate and bicarbonate.
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Tap water contains a lot of useful elements such as calcium, magnesium, sulphate and bicarbonate. 
Cellmax is a specially developed nutrient which adjust the EC-level of the water for use with coco,
because of this reason, the plants always receives the optimum proportion of nutrient, thus preventing a build up of redundant salts which are damaging to both the plant and environment.
Cellmax nutrient is a two part mixture (X and Y) for flowering (Coco Bloom), or growth (Coco grow) and contains all the trace elements necessary for exceptional results.

Instruction for use:
store in a dark place at room temperature. Cellmax nutrient is made by equal parts of X and Y into tapwater at a dilution ratio of 1:250 (20 ml per 5 LT) shake well before use.
We advise an EC value of 2.0 (CF 20) and a PH between 5.5 and 6.0
Always stir well before taking readings correct PH value with PH- or PH+

never mix the X and Y together undiluted as this will produce insoluble mixture.
The concentrated nutrients contains salts and acid which may irritate skin, eyes, lips and throat.
Avoid all contacts with the body. If contacts occurs, rinse immediately with copious amount of clean water. If irritation persists contact your doctor.

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CellMax Coco Grow X+Y 2x5L - € 49,50

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