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For all growing methods: hydroponics, aeroponics and soil, BioSevia is a unique organic nutrient. BioSevia is an organic – and complete – plant food. For 4 years indeed our researchers studied and tes...
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Unique organic nutrient and complete plant food

For all growing methods: hydroponics, aeroponics and soil, BioSevia is a unique organic nutrient. BioSevia is an organic – and complete – plant food. For 4 years indeed our researchers studied and tested exhaustively to obtain a nutrient containing everything a plant needs to perfectly grow.

BioSevia has several essential qualities:

  • It is a complete plant food.
  • Its specific composition, and its excellent solubility, make it easy for plants to
  • assimilate.
  • It is efficiently applied in fertigation and drip irrigation.
  • It contains fulvic acid and humic acids which improve soil conditions and enhance the plant’s absorption capacity.
  • It brings a sweet, pleasant taste to your crops.
  • … and it works in hydroponics!


BioSevia is a “bioponic” nutrient

BioSevia gives perfect results in soil, of course, but it has the exceptionality to work beautifully in hydroponics too, be it with
 bare roots, or on substrates. Indeed, not any nutrient is adapted to this type of growing. Generally, organic nutrients are formulated in order to slowly decompose in soil so, when in water, some of their elements will rot and release some quite unpleasant smells. Finally, they would clog the filters and injectors.

To be bioponic, a nutrient must be liquid or perfectly soluble. It must be rapidly degradable and readily available to the plant.
 BioSevia fits to all these conditions.

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