Bionova Calcium 15% 250 ml

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Additive for cultivation cultivation with 15% calcium

The Bionova Ca 15% fertilizer contains pure calcium, 8% nitrogen and trace elements such as iron, copper and manganese.

Ca 15 is the product that Bio Nova proposes to prevent calcium deficiencies, an important element in the ionic reactions that take place inside and outside the cells of our plants. In addition to providing Calcium, Ca 15 is a mild supplement of micro elements.

Calcium in solution is transported into the capillaries through the xylem. In situations of high humidity or in intensive cultivation the conduction rate is lowered and can lead to calcium deficiencies. This in turn leads to the loss of rigidity of the cell walls, with consequent weakening against fungal attacks and the death of young leaves and buds.

Conversely, an excess of calcium (which may occur) causes brown spots on the leaves.

Ca 15 from Bio Nova is therefore an indispensable product in case of calcium deficiencies.

Advantage Ca 15%:

  • it has a rapid action, not changing the pH, and is a pure product
  • it is inexpensive and contains 180 g of calcium oxide
  • it can be combined with all fertilization schemes because it does not cause lumps / clogs or pollutes

    How to use:

  • in combination with Hydro-SuperMix, Soil-SuperMix, LongFlower and NFT Aqua-SuperMix add 2-4 ml to 10 L of fresh (or osmotic) water
  • in periods of high humidity, constantly use 5 ml in 10 L to be administered through a drip system
  • A dosage of 1: 1000 provides 3.2 millimoles (mmol) of Ca

Characteristics of the Bio Nova Ca 15% Calcium Additive for Cultivation

  • Brand: Bio Nova
  • Product: Ca 15 Calcium
  • Ideal for calcium deficient solutions


Format Liquid
Manufacturer Bionova
Bloom Yes
Growth Yes

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