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The necessary components for the growth and bloom are enclosed in a unique product. This makes the use of BN Soil SuperMix absolutely easy. Soil-Supermix provides a very rich soil, actively stimulates...
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Soil one component nutrient (growth and bloom)

Soil SuperMix is a one component fertilizer made of minerals and organic materials from vegetal origin.

Designed to feed plants grown in soil. The necessary components for growth and bloom are enclosed in a unique product. This makes Soil SuperMix very easy to use.

Natural Ingredients from Organic Origin

 Natural Ingredients from Organic Origin

All the elements contained in BN Soil SuperMix are pure and from organic origin. And that's why it is easily assimilated from the plants. Similarly the organic components guarantee a good "cleaning system".

Soil-Supermix provides a very rich soil, actively stimulates root development and provides a complete fertilizer in both growth and bloom. In the bloom period you must asdd PK 13-14 as a bloom booster.

Because Soil-Supermix is partially organic, this fertilizer can´t be used in dripping systems (organic substances contain many large particles).In case of a drip system, therefore the mineral fertilizer Hydro-Supermix is used with the same results. These minerals are pure and don´t clog the drippers.

Soil SuperMix Composition

This fertilizer contains:

  • macro elements such as: NO3, NH4, NH2, SO4, P, K, Ca, Mg en Si;
  • chelated micro elements such as: Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu en Mo;
  • organic components;
  • revitalising plant extracts;
  • natural extracts to reinforce cellular tissues

150-325 ml per 100L of water.

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Bio Nova - Soil SuperMix 5L - € 58,91

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