BioMagno - Vegetative 100% Organic - 250ml

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Fertilizer for Vegetative stage rich in chelated elements

BioMagno Vegetative 100% Organic is a fertilizer containing nitrogen for the Veg stage of the plants which ensures a balanced and continuous nutrition.

Natural Nutrient which indipendently manages and fixes the substrate PH 

Thanks to the organic acids obtained from fermentation the BioMagno Growth 100% BIO maintains stable the pH of the soil and thus improves the absorption of nutrients.

The Plant Benefits:

The benefits for the plants during the use of BioMagno Growth 100% Organic.

  • It stimulates the micro-fauna operating in the soil;
  • It increases the activity of humic exchange;
  • It stimulates the absorption of all the nutrients in the roots;
  • It naturally improves the health and the plant defenses;
  • It continuously feeds due to the organic nature of the ingredients.

Fertilizer for Veg stage rich in chelated elements, fungi, bacteria and healthy enzymes

BioMagno 100% Bio is composed of a mixture of organic fertilizers enriched with iron chelate that combined to the fungi action, bacteria and enzymes, allows a rapid increase in growth ensuring a leaf apparatus much more luxuriant and green, by increasing the immune defenses.

USE AND DOSAGE: Use 1ml/l during the growth/vegetative stage. Diluted in water it can be used as a foliar spray too.

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BioMagno - Vegetative Growth 100% Bio - 1L - € 28,30


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