BioMagno - OM Growth - 1L

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Organo-Mineral Fertilizer containing Nitrogen for the Growth Stage

BioMagno O.M Growth is a liquid and organic fertilizer, 100% natural for the vegetative growth obtained from animal proteins. unified manure, lyophilized blood, borlanda beet and vegetable flours.

Natural fertilizer for the veg stage containg nitrogen

Obtained from fermented natural and unpasteurized ingredients without the use of any form of extraction reagent. Composed of micro and macro elements, humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, enzymes and beneficial bacteria for the growth phase of the plants. Composition: 8% N, 4% P, K 6%.

Th Plant Advantages:

  • Rapid increase of growth; 
  • Resistant Stems;
  • Lush foliage; 
  • Increase of the photosynthetic activity; 
  • Resistance to pathogens;
  • Prevention and treatment of iron chlorosis, microdeficiencies and the soil exhaustion;
  • optimum pH in the root microenvironment.
Liquid fertilizer that balances the PH level of the soil

BioMagno - Growth OM fixes and balances the substrate PH independently due to organic acids obtained from fermentation.

USE AND DOSAGE: Use 0,5-1ml/l during the period of vegetative growth, post stress when you want to increase the nitrogen content or to correct the nutritional microdeficiences


Format Liquid
Manufacturer BioMagno
Azote (N) 8
Phosphorus (P) 4
Potassium (K) 6
Doses 0,5 - 1 ml/l


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