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BioMagno Bloom O.M. 250ml is an organo-mineral fertilizer with high levels of phosphorus and potassium which ensure a balanced and continuous flowering. It Also automatically maintains the pH of the...
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It Increases the concentration of sugars and the production of flowers

BioMagno Bloom O.M. 250ml is a totally organic fertilizer with high levels of phosphorous and potassium which ensure a balanced and continuous flowering, thanks to the synergy of amino acids and humic acids.

Designed to stimulate the processes of flowering in a natural way

Biomagno Bloom O.M. is an Organo-mineral fertilizer in a fluid state designed to stimulate the processes of flowering and fruiting of plants by providing all the necessary elements for a blooming production.

It Contains: nitrogen, N (5%) - phosphorus, P (6%) - potassium, K (4%) - carbon, C (3%) - sulfur, S (0.6%) - magnesium, Mg (0, 3%) - iron, Fe (0.4%) - trace elements (Ca, Cu, Zn, B, Mn, Mo) - enzymes - bacteria - proteins - carbohydrates - peptides - amino acids - humic - fulvic acids - crenic acids - vitamins.

Plant Benefits with OM BioMagno Bloom:

  • Increased flowering: more flowers and fruits;
  • More resistant stems;
  • Increase of photosynthetic activity;
  • It enhances the natural flavors and increases the levels of active ingredients; 
  • It independently manages the pH of the substrate; 
  • It increases the concentration of sugars.
Organic fertilizer for flowering as an auto-stabilizing pH

Thanks to the natural presence of humic and fulvic acids, created from fermentation, the BioMagno fertilizers autonomously keep the pH of the substrate (rockwool, coco, soil, etc.).

USE AND DOSAGE: Use during the blooming phase from 0.5 to 1.5 ml/l. It can also be used as a foliar spray

Product list BioMagno
Azote (N) 5
Phosphorus (P) 6
Potassium (K) 4
Bloom Yes
Doses 0,5 - 1,5ml/l
Manufacturer BioMagno
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