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The PRO-BIO 4 capsules is a natural agronomic biocatalyst, the solution to improve the of plants growth and their resistance to pathogens.
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Natural Agronomic Biocatalyst

PRO-BIO is a natural agronomic biocatalyst, the ideal solution to improve the plants growth and their resistance to pathogens. Pro-Bio Biomagno increases the resistance of plants to water stress and temperature, also increases the immune system defenses making them more resistant to parasitic infections, micro-biological contamination and fungal contamination.

Benefits of using Biomagno Pro-Bio

This portentous biocatalyst as well as improving the growth of the opiante, also brings the following beneficiaries:

  • Improves the fertility of the growing substrate by increasing its microbial population and podiatry structure.
  • Strengthens the growth of young shoots and plants.
  • Increases superficial and deep root development.
  • Plants support plants to overcome water and climatic stress.
  • Improves the immune resistance of plants.
  • It considerably increases the yield of agronomic crops.
  • Regenerates the indigenous microflora and microfauna present in the soil, be it anaerobic or aerobic.
  • It increases the number of natural bacteria that metabolize nitrogen (nitric, nitrous or ammonia), making it available for crops.
  • It transforms nitrogen and phosphoric compounds into micro salt particles directly assimilable by plants.
  • It stabilizes the pH, inducing the treated soil to neutrality.
  • Accelerates the process of transformation of the organic and mineral substance present in the soil into elements that are directly available and assimilable by the root system of plants.
  • Reclamation and revitalization of land considered "asphyxiated or strongly tested by polluting agents" of various kinds; organic, chemical or bacteriological.

Dosage: 1 capsule every 5 plants dissolved in one liter of irrigation water. Repeat the treatment every 2 months.

It does not contain O.G.M., but only very pure biological substances with high energy and microbial value.

Format: 4 capsules

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