BioMagno - Alghe 1KG

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Portentous substrate activator

BioMagno - Alghe 1KG is a portentose substrates activator composed of a mixture of algae of the type Ascophillum, Fucales and Laminariales, obtained through a process of dehydration and grinding without the use of any chemical substance.
Alghe BioMagno used during the preparation of the soil, increases and strengthens the formation of the root system, mobilizes the nutrients in the soil, reinvigorates the plants protecting them from adverse weather conditions, helps plants to overcome stress conditions and improves the quantity and quality of production, all this also thanks to the presence of betaine, cytokinins, vitamins, auxins and alginates polysaccharides.

Dosage and application:

  • Plants to dwell 20-50g / plant
  • Soil preparation: 250g per 50 liters of soil


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