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100% Organic Enhancer 1L is an organic and liquid fertilizer that stimulates the activity of microfauna and microflora of the substrate. It facilitates the absorption of nutritional substances and blo...
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It cleans and stimulates the substrate increasing the absorption of nutrients from the roots

The BioMagno Activator 100% ORGANIC 1L is a promoter and activator of the substrate with yeast extract and brown algae.

Organic fertilizer which stimulates the activity of the substrate in a natural way

Consisting of 100% organic plant extracts, it stimulates the activity of microfauna and microflora in the substrate. It is a nitrogenous organic and liquid fertilizer that contains polysaccharides, proteins and amino acids with a big amount of carbon from plant origin which is the basis of fertility and microbial activity of the substrate.

Thanks to the presence of enzymes, bacteria and healthy fungi it facilitates the capacity of absorption of nutrients by the roots forbidding the development of pathogen agents.

The Cultivation Benefits by using BioMagno Enhancer 100% Organic:

Effects on plants and soil.

  • It revitalizes the substrate
  • It increases the presence of humus
  • It strengthens the bacterial activity
  • It strengthens the defense system of plants
  • It increases the production of dry substance

BioMagno Activator 100% ORGANIC has a revitalizing effect on the particular substrate, preparing the roots of the plant to absorb more nutrients for a blooming flowering.

Use 0.5ml/l during the whole vegetative stage and the first 4 weeks of flowering.

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