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Nitrogen for a perfect Growth

Aptus N-Boost is an organic source of Nitrogen and L-amino acids totally solubles in water, for plant's care during growing stage and first weeks of flowering phase.

N-Boost has a powerful booster effect in plant's growth, as well as stimulates microbiotic life of the substrate. One of the main characteristics of N-Boost stimulator is that is an organic product that over stands for the bioavailability of its active ingredients.

N-Boost Aptus offers a solution to the heavy demand of nitrogen during vegetative stage of plants, as well as solving any possible deficiency that may occur of this element during any stage of the growing cycle.

Advantages of using N-Boost

Organo-mineral growing stimulator.

Stimulates the productivity of growing stage.

Improves de glucides content.

Improves density.

Increases resistance agains fruit damages.

Tips and tricks

Use N-Boost as early stimulador, and growing stimulator in watering systems (instead of Startbooster)

N-Boost is totally soluble in water and generates no residues in water dripping systems.

Do not combine N-Booster and Startbooster.

N-Boost composition

N-Boost contains L-amino acids and organic nitrogen.

How to use N-Boost

Use N Boost during vegetative stage and early flowering phase.

Add between 30 and 50 ml of N-Booster per 100 liters of water.

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Aptus - N-BOOST 500ml - € 27,90


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