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Citric acid is a weak acid contained in plant organisms: lemon juice, for example, contains from 5 to 7%, but it is also found in other fruits, in many other foods, in mushrooms, in wood, in milk . It...
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Perfect for balancing the ph of your solution

Citric acid from Antika officina botanika is an organic product that can be used as an acidity regulator for water without having to use chemicals. Citric acid is not used pure, but must be dissolved in water, possibly distilled. It can replace in an ecological way some traditional products, which often contain polluting substances for the environment and also dangerous for humans. By lowering the pH of the water it can be used in various ways from organic farming to cleaning the limestone of pipes and machinery such as washing machines and dishwashers, it can even be used as a fabric softener and rinse aid.

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