AirFan ISO-Box STEEL - 35x35cm - 750 M3/H



The 750m3/h galvanized steel extractor/aspirator is developed for use in environments that require extremely silent air movement, such as medium/large grow rooms, indoor greenhouses, commercial and in...
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Resistant, powerful and compact

The galvanized steel extractor is developed for noise sensitive environments that require the movement of large air flows in extreme silence, such as medium / large grow rooms, indoor greenhouses, commercial and industrial premises.
AirFan ISO-Box STEEL is a powerful air extractor with 1x 200mm inputs and 1x 200mm output, which guarantees a great air movement by touching up to 23.9 dB of noise. Air treatment units are equipped with high quality centrifugal fans, durable over time. 
They are designed to operate under pressure and have a very low noise level.

Product specifications:
Capacity: 750 m3 / h
Dimensions: 35x35x35cm
Weight: 8,9kg
Material: Zinc plated steel
Watt max: ± 2200W - 230Volt - 50Hz

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Manufacturer Venso
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