Aeroponics: Discover The Advantages

Aeroponics- The Evolution Of The Hydroponic Technique

The maggior advantage of the aeroponic technique is the high level of oxygenation in the root area. In synthesis, the nutrient solution is nebulized directely on the roots, which allows a noticable reduction in

Up to 95% of water is saved. In normal cultivation, for 1kg of tomatoes around 200lt of water are consumed, in aeroponics between 6 to 10lt. It abolishes pest control by 100% e saves up to 90% on nutrients.

What occurs in aeroponics:

In an aeroponic cultivation, optimal conditions are obtained which raise the level of development, the health, the flowering and fruiting of the plant, this thanks to the cultivation in greennhouses and the use of rich nutrients sprayed directly on the bare roots. The roots find themselves, therefore, only absorbing the solution they necessitate and letting the excess fall. Furthermore, the solution nebulized in the air is rich in oxygen.

Reduced water consumption: Choose your aeroponic system-

The enclosed cultivation area is ideally isolated from external factors, this combined with the absence of soil, allows the annulment of the plants exposure to pests and pathogens, facilitating further their growth. With this, the aeroponic technique's use of water and nutrients is incredibly lowered.
For further information on the characteristics of aeroponic systems, read the details in the data sheets below.

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