System Test Aeroponics Producer (By Hydroponics / Cellmax/)

Aeroponics Producer System


Why switch to Aeroponics?  

The Aeroponics System is unquestionably the most efficient thanks to the optimization when feeding by administering the fertilizers into the air. Directly spraying onto the roots is the best way to develop faster growing and flowering. It plays an important role in the closed-loop system in the canal and perfectly oxygenates roots. The fertilizer sprayed is a mix of oxygen particles/solution.

What are the advantages of an Aeroponics System?
Easy to assemble, use and maintain (comes with an illustrated video manual).
  1. Ideal for large, uninterrupted productive cycles and cutting.
  2. Reduced time for growth and flowering. Approx. 10day growth and 12day flowering.
  3. Numerous plants in a reduced space.
  4. Atomization of the solution. The roots release all excess.
  5. Perfect oxidation of the solution.
  6. System has a closed circle for the solution keeping it in motion to prevent the formation of algae, mould and fungi.
  What does an Aeroponics System PRODUCER consist of?
  1. Black tank with an ABS lid to limit the formation of mould, algae, parasites, etc..
  2. Special internal O’RING system complete directional stability atomizer. The atomizers consist of two bodies you can fasten yourself and they can be easily dismantled and cleaned in the case of clogging.
  3. Pot base of 5cm in diameter. Dimensions are purposely designed for rock wool cubes of 2.5cm x 2.5cm.
  4. High pressure immersion pump.
  5. All fittings and hydraulic components for the perfect operation.

How do you use an Aeroponic PRODUCER ?

  1. Mounting system components of the Aeroponics System PRODUCER are described by the manual included.
  2. It is suggested to separately sow with Rockwool cubes ( see manual in .PDF ) and germinate the plant once you have transferred it into the system PRODUCER.
  3. Follow the nutrients and light table specifically for PRODUCER.
  4. Illuminate the system for vegetative growth of 10day, 18hrs a day (see table for nutrients and light).
  5. After 10 days of growth vary the hours of light from 18 to 12hrs a day and begin the flowering phase (see table of nutrients and light).
  6. Control the temperature with a digital timer (1min of irrigation every 2hrs) during light periods (1min every 3-4hrs) and during dark periods.
  7. Monitor daily values pH and EC. Recommended pH: 5:8. Recommended EC: between 1.0 and 2.2ms depending on the stage of growth.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often must you change the solution?

    It depends on the state of the plant (growth or flowering). In the initial stages can be enough to change the solution every 2 weeks. When flowering, it is recommended to change the solution every 10 days. Each replacement of the solution measure the value of the EC (concentration nutrients) and fertilizers adding up to the value of the EC between 1.4 and 2.2 mS max. Each replacement of the solution, wash the container/tank with hot water to remove any algae, mould and salt deposits. Every time you fill the tank measure the pH of the solution and ensure that its value is between 5.5 and 6.0 revise with the pH indicator. Constantly monitor the pH. The solution should be at room temperature (over 18 °) and never left cold.

  2. The EC Meter

    A conductive meter (EC meter) is an essential tool used in aeroponic systems. It determines the exact amount of fertilizer the plant needs. Prevents nebulisers becoming blocked as a result of the excessive amount of salt. If filling aerosols, leave them to soak in vinegar overnight.

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